The famous ancient capital of Koliya Kingdom Devdaha is located in the eastern tarai of Rupandehi district of Nepal. It is 35 km east of Lumbini, The scared birth place of lord Gautam Buddha. It is laying in the lap of Chure mountain just south of Mahabharata Range. Far north of these minor mountain ranges lie the beautiful snow peaks of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. The east west highway passing through the evergreen forest areas has offered an easy access to Devdaha. It is both the maternal home and the In-laws home of prince Siddhartha after his marriage with Yashodhara, the daughter of King SupraBuddha of Devdaha. It lies 245 km south west of Kathmandu. It is also the home town of Mayadevi the mother of Prince Siddhartha and his step mother Prajapati Gautami. it is also again the home town of princess Yashodhara, the consort of Prince Siddhartha.

The front Scenario of Historical Devdaha Park
      The situation of holy Devdaha in Nepal

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Devdaha is now widely renown all around the world. It is on the process of listing on ' World's Heritage Site '. This is the place where lord Buddha spent his most precious time. He spent his whole childhood and youth playing with the children of this area. He was an outstanding human who was later found the best in this area. He was superior among his partners. He passed various exams taken by his gurus and married Yashodhara showing his extraordinary power of shooting, riding and fighting.

People and Economy

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The majority of People of this area are farmer. Some are Business man and some Jobholders. All people are very helpful to each other. They have a community for the planning and development programs. Devdaha is getting its way towards development gradually. 

Here are some factories,  business firms, hotels, shops and tourism oriented business.

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