Devdaha Park

Lord Buddha in Devdaha:
Princes Siddhartha was born in Lumbini while Queen Mayadevi was on her way towards Devdaha. Queen Mayadevi died at the seventh day of Siddhartha's birth. He was then brought up by his second mother Queen Prajapati Gautami. On his childhood, Princes Siddhartha preferred going Devdaha always. He paid his several visits until he was at Kapilvastu.

Prince Siddhartha demonstrated his extraordinary skill in shooting competition organized by his maternal uncle King Suprabuddha, king of Koliya kingdom, on the occasion of Princess Yashodhara's wedding ceremony. He succeeded to shoot his arrow through seven tamarind trees. He was immediately garlanded by princess Yasodhara. The unbelievable defeat of the rest competing princess were rude towards princes Siddhartha. After seven years of his Enlightens, Prince Siddhartha in the face of Lord Gautam Buddha visited Devdaha. He was heavily welcomed there. Every people of Devdaha paid a great attention toward him.

Lord Buddha solved many obstacles and difficulties and problems suffered by the people. He ordained many flowers of Iain sad hu Nirgrantha Nathputra,too.

This Park is the eastern front gate of Devdaha. It welcomes all the visitors of Devdaha. The park contains a huge garden and one pagoda in it. There is a big statue of Lord Buddha ( 7 feet) and  a statue of Sariputra which is made up of coated with golden color. The garden contains various flowers including 'bodhi brichha'. This park is really an ornament of Devdaha.

This park was built by Devdaha Conservation Academy and it was Inaugurated by His royal Highness Crown Prince Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev. He is the most important person to visit Devdaha till today.

This park is the entrance and the symbol of peace in Devdaha. Before this park visitors get confused to find Devdaha. But the problem is eliminated now.

The visit to Devdaha is not complete until you enter this park and worship the statue of Lord Buddha.

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