It is believed to be the capital of shakya Republic where Lord Buddha lived and enjoyed his life till 29th year.He was the only son of king Suddodhana and Queen Mayadevi and was called as prince Siddhartha Gautam.There are ruins and moulds of old stupas and monasteries made of Kiln- burnt bricks and clay mortar. It is located at a distance of about 27 kilometres west of Lumbini.

It is large rectangular fortified area. Remains of the ancient moat and brick fortification around the ket can still be clearly seen. A brick Line is seen to the south and an elevated towards the north-west corner. It is about nine Km north-east of Tilaurakot.

It is an archaeology site with great importance. There is a quadrangular pond locally known as Niglisagar.On its western bank we find two broken pieces of the Ashokan Pillar, The longer one lying flat and the shorter on stuck into the ground. On the top part of the pillar there are two peococks.This site is about eight Kilometers north east of Taulihawa.

The forestic area at about 12 Kilometers north of Taulihawa is called Sagarahawa.There is a huge rectangular pond known as lambusagar, a long lake. The ruins of ancient pond can be still observed there.This site is also believed as the place of massacre of shakyas'.


Here there is an Ashokan Pillar standing on a slab. The upper portion of the pillar is lost and lower portion about 3.5cms high is still intact. A huge stupa with successive rings of the wedge-shaped.Mauryan bricks is on the north-east side of the pillar. It is about five kilometers south-east of Taulihawa in a village called Gotihawa. Kudan: There is a huge mound of structural ruins with a cluster of four buildings and a pond. Excavation in 1962 indicated that there stood a huge Gupta style temple in ancient times.

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